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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

There Is No Snow In The Forecast - Yet!!

Feels like I have been shoveling snow for a month straight.  Read a post the other day about  some Georgia Snow.  I really wish it was Georgia snow, this stuff I'm shoveling is too heavy.  I have shoveled my roof, the camper, walkways and work, I have had enough of this New England snow.

These are the new temporary additions to my rafters at work.  3 out of 5 developed cracks and splits.  The elementary school in town cancelled classes on Monday so the roof could be inspected.  This whole snow thing is growing old. 

Good news is the Eastern Fishing & Outdoor Expo is in Worcester this weekend.  Yahoooooooooo

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  1. Thanks for the link man!! I wish it was Georgia snow for you too!!