"Those who have long enjoyed such privileges as we enjoy forget in time that men have died to win them." - Franklin D. Roosevelt

Monday, January 24, 2011

His Name Is Wyatt

Got the call on Friday, Bruno the breeder said pick up the puppy Sunday morning.  This was a week earlier than we expected but we were happy to go get him.  He is doing great so far.  First thing he did when he walked in the house was to chase the 2 year old beagle mix.  He ran her twice around the kitchen table then put her on the back of the couch.  He then jumped on the Bichon's back, Missy is not exactly a dog person, she ended up on the back of the couch next to Clover.  Then came the Poodle, Winston attempted to be the alpha male and stand up to the puppy.  It didn't take the puppy long to couch the poodle.  "Wyatt, don't chew on kitty" soon followed.  It took this little fireball less than five minutes to rule the floor of the house.

He is very confident and curious, which is what I wanted a puppy to be.  The weather outside is not cooperating with my house breaking schedule.  This morning was -8 with a windchill of -30, kind of tough to bring out a 7 week old puppy in those temps.  A trip to Petsmart for some extra puppy pads is in the plans for today.

Crate training should be ok.  The other dogs are all crate trained, they look forward to going to bed at night.  Wyatt screamed and cried for about 10 minutes last night before he settled down in his crate.  I laid down in my clothes thinking I would be getting up every couple of hours or so to let him out.  I know that this is getting up every couple of hours is very short lived for a puppy.  Well the little man stayed in his crate with no accidents or sounds for a great nights sleep, 6 hours with no problems.

Ya, that is a sweatshirt on the puppy.  He is a momma's boy, the Deer Wife thought he was chilly and put a hoodie on the boy.  Chewing will be another story all together, I thought my house was puppy proof.  Boy did he show me the things I missed.  Day 1 was pretty cool, I cant wait day 2.

Life can be pretty funny at times and not so funny other times.


  1. There is nothing like a new puppy! I like the name!

  2. Thanks Trey, yeah it's kind of like new car smell. Good thing puppy breath goes away. LOL

  3. What a cutie and looks like he's got go spirit that shorthairs are know for. Lookin' forward to reading more about him.

  4. Thanks and yes he is high strung and running right on the edge of control. That is what I was looking for. LOL

  5. Cute pup! I like to tell folks about the bumper sticker I saw a few years ago that said, "The more I know people, the more I like my dog!"

  6. LOL, thats a good one, and true. I like "My pointer is smarter than your honor student"