"Those who have long enjoyed such privileges as we enjoy forget in time that men have died to win them." - Franklin D. Roosevelt

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Rough Day

What a range of emotions I went through today, happiness, angry, sad.  A true roller coaster of a day.

I awoke still excited about the coming opportunity of training my new German Shorthaired Pointer.  I'm smiling thinking of the interaction between the current dogs, cats and nieces.  It should be entertaining and rewarding, having a new puppy.

Paul Cellucci has ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), Lou Gehrig's Disease.  I do not know Mr. Cellucci personally, but I know too much of ALS.  A few years back, I lost my brother-in-law, Jimmy, at the age of 35.  All those emotions immediately boiled back to the surface.  I have been married for some 26 year.  I had known Jimmy since he way 11 and had seen him grow up.  My brother-in-laws are the closest thing to brothers I ever had.  He was an awesome, awesome guy and I think of him and miss him quite often.  I could write for days and days about this horrid disease, the way it ravages the human body, the agony, the pain, the stress on caregivers, family and friends.  I could write about the experimental treatments, the highs and lows, the hope and the shattering of dreams.  I choke up when I think of his body failing but his mind still sharp as a tack.  ALS is a death sentence, there is no cure.  Mr. Cellucci, my thoughts are with you and your loved ones, live each day to its fullest and fight as hard as you can.

Officer John “Jack” Maguire did not need to die!  The bleeding heart Massachusetts populace and leaders are just a bunch of spineless sheep.  Progressive, my ass, you people of the parole board released a dangerous criminal.  You should be held personally responsible for the death of Officer Maguire, it is all on this board of 6.  You let this career criminal out to continue the only life he ever knew.  In a "shall issue" state, where a police chief can refuse a permit to a citizen of this fine state with the a simple word "undesirable", you released a person that was sentenced to three (3) life sentences!!  What the hell were you thinking!!  I jumped through hoops conforming to your little dog and pony show, just to receive a permit.  Others are refused under the guise "the police are for your protection", yet you release dangerous lifelong criminals back on the street.  Are we here for your amusement?  Is it all just a show to you?  You put us all in danger, LEO's and civilians!  So some slug can have another chance to live among us?  I guess I am just too dumb to understand these progressive thoughts, too simple minded, too naive, too something.  I hope these 6 members of the parole board never shut their eyes again without seeing the image of Officer Maguire.  I hope he haunts their every thought and every dream.  They should never forget that they were an accessory to murder.  May Officer Maguire's family find comfort from friends and fellow officers.


  1. Scott,
    I appreciate this post, being a LEO my self I completely understand the frustration of people being let out of prison early or not getting the sentence they deserve in the first place. Just over a year ago a state down south let out a murder early. He came to Washington state and killed 4 Lakewood washington officers while they ate breakfast. Every time something like this happens every LEO family out there has to think is it going to be their loved one next. We need more people like your self to stand up and voice their concerns.

    On a better note good luck with your puppy. I have two German wire haired pointing griffons. Great dogs, the dog we had when I was very young was a short hair. I look forward to following your blog on the progress of your pup.

  2. Rory,

    An update on the Parole Board. On January 13th, 5 members submitted their resignation that was accepted from our Governer. The Gov. also gave the citizens allot of lip service "strengthening violent crime release conditions" "better supervision" and other catchy phrases. It's tough enough for a LEO to deal with citizens like myself, let alone throwing a screwball like this guy into the mix. Thank you for the well wishes on the puppy and yes, I will be posting.