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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Deer Sightings

Monday night I brought the dogs out to take care of business.  Clover immediately leaped the fence and headed towards the garden.  At about 50 yards, just inside the shadows left by the rear light, a deer blew at deafening volume.  She crashed through the briars at the back of the garden.  The other dogs were staring intently in the direction of the sound.  Not a sound out of the Beagle/mix, just tear-assing after that doe.  I called to the dog and she came right back, I think she was a little surprised by the size of the intruder.  I shined the flashlight out into the woods and the eyes were aglow.  Two deer standing about 100 yards deep in the woods looking back at the house. 

On Tuesday night I decided to hit them with the flashlight before bringing out the dogs.  The two doe where standing 35 yards from the back steps.  One was very, very big just standing broadside, head turned towards me.  What a sight.  Yet, they have not been around during the daylight.  They must be bedding down a pretty good distance from the homestead because they are not coming around until 10 or 10:30 at night.  Then I read a neighbor's face book page (probably 1/4 down street) and she reports an 8 pointer (a 4x4 for you muley chasers) munching on the shrubs in her side yard in the middle of the day.  I thought the rut and late rut were past but maybe one of these does is still going.  Hope to get in the woods very soon and try hunting him.

Massachusetts weather is saying "maybe" some snow coming on Sunday!!  I feel a sickness coming on for Monday!!

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