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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Traded For A Player To Be Named Later

I don't know if I mentioned in my very first post, I was given the option of getting another dog after we had put Bailey Boy (the German Shorthaired Pointer) down.  I wasn't ready for another dog.  We had an old lab mix and the Bichon.  Well, when I didn't pick up the option, that left the door open for Mr. Winston, the Poodle.  With four dogs in the house, including my son's dog, any mention from my wife about getting another GSP was met with one of my instant brush offs.  I never even considered getting another dog.  Some quick math on the lifespan of these smaller dogs and how many more years I have of bird hunting, left me with the reality of the fact, I probably wouldn't own another pointer.  Not that I am old, but the little dogs can live up to 18 years old and I am 46, so an opening in the stable wouldn't occur until I was about 64.  I don't know if I will be trudging through the swamps chasing pheasant at 64, I know I will be in a tree stand hunting deer, just not sure about the birds.

This has all changed!  My wife, who doesn't listen to me anyway, decided I did need another bird dog.  I can't say I'm not excited about the future prospect, because I am.  The puppy was born on 12/6, so I wont be bringing him home until the end of January, but I will be going to meet him very soon.  A new puppy with all these other dogs is going to be crazy.  Potty training, basic commands, advanced commands, bumper training, live bird training, crate and household rules, all while maintaining and building the relationships I have with the other dogs sounds a little overwhelming.

I guess you can say that I traded my sanity for a puppy to be named later.  Sanity is way over rated anyway, a puppy is much more fun.

Life can be pretty funny at times and not so funny other times.


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