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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hmmmm, Then What Could It Be?

The insurance adjuster is coming out personally, tomorrow, to check out my tenant's apartment.  His boiler inspector came out last week.  The boiler guy checked the oil level, even though it read empty, it was not.  He re-fired the boiler and immediately shut it down, there is no water supply to do a pressure test.  I had to kill the water supply because of all the burst pipes.  The educated guess for the failure is gelling.  I know they are still looking for some type of loophole.  They wanted all my oil receipts and maintenance records for the past year for the boiler.  I rent this unit out cheap, tenant pays utilities (heat and hot water), he has no receipts, he says he doesn't save them.  He pays cheapest price, cash, and cannot claim it on his taxes so he doesn't save them.  His house # is 104 and mine is 106 so it is not owner occupied.  They have me jumping through hoops to get this done (feels like trying to get my Class A LTC all over again).  It's like I have to prove I'm innocent.

I am having a hard time getting any plumber or hvac company to come out and look at it.  It's one of those "catch 22's".  I need running water to see if the boiler and electric hot water heater are bad, but I need the insurance money to get the plumbing fixed.  The insurance company wont give me money until they have an estimate and I can't get an estimate without first paying to have stuff fixed!!  Insurance companies suck.

Just for an added kick in the nads, the insurance company say I need new shingles on the main house.  My insurance will be cancelled if I don't take care of this in 30 days.  Touche, "Hey Massachusetts, kiss my ass!"

Life can be pretty funny at times and not so funny other times.

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